10 business ideas for N-Power Beneficiaries and other small earners

These ideas are suggestions NOT recommendation. Do your visibility study before embarking on any business. 

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo recently shared an on-the-spot assessment of Npower volunteers in one of the states in the north.

He said he witnessed how an Npower corps invested the little he's earning in fish farming. 

Fish farming can be set up in your backyard.

Yes, that's one of the business ideas for small earners. 

Apart, from that here is the list of other business ideas you can start today, whether you're Npower volunteer or not. 

10 business ideas you can implement with Npower monthly stipend

To be honest with you: one can hardly achive anything with the #30,000 monthly stipend of Npower Programme, if you're not specially gifted in financial prudence and management.

A highly business-minded person can achive something remarkable with something lesser than that.


It's already 5 months into the programme.

 It's five months salaries down the line, even though some volunteers are yet to get any due to error in their npvn portal.

Today, we'll be revealing to you some great ways you could make result out of the monthly stipend.

Do you know why the government preffers to call it stipend? Because it's meant to complement your efforts , and you're not even expected to rely heavily on it.

However, here are some of the business ideas and how to invest your npower stipend

1) Organise co-operative among trusted friends who are also volunteers in your LG or PPA

In our area here in Osun State, some npower volunteers have come together to make contributions among themselves and commit such to one of the group members on rotational bases.

This is how it operates...
The co-operative is made up of just 6 npower volunteers.
The six volunteers are those who have consistence in their monthly stipend.

They are made up of those who adequately know themselves very well in terms of trust.

Each member of the group commit #10,000 monthly to whoever has picked a particular serial number,  which is selected randomly.

So each member of the group collects #60,000 monthly till it circulates through all the six members of the ccooperative.

With this you know what to do with 60k at the end of the month.

You too can do the same if you got trusted people in your area who are npower volunteers, and have consistent payment.

WArning :
Don't implement this idea with someone you've never trusted or seen.

Think about that!

2) Recharge card printing machine

There are card printing machine that looks like POS machine. You may think the world has gone digital, YES that's true.

But lots of nigerians still buy cards around you. Everyone doesn't trust or believe the online airtime rechcarge .

When you buy this machine, you're given a code/pin and you start printing and making sales. If you think sellers have polarise the business, think about reducing your own  price. Two naira reduction will make you have upper hands over others.


Boaz Communications is one of the major dealers of this recharge card printing machine and software nation-wide 
Get the Recharge Card printing machine for 78k instead of #80,000

Get the Recharge Card printing Software for 28 instead of 30k

Contact agent for #2,000 discount on each of the above products: Call/WhatsApp 08065277758

Contact dealer:
Call Boaz on 09096000339 or WhatsApp 08026583668 for further information.

Delivery available nation-wide.

Look around your vicinity and you'd find a filling station that sells more than Total, or any other filling station in Nigeria.

What's is the filling station's secret? You can use that secret to drive your competitors crazy while you make cool sales.

3) Online recharge card sales

Closely related to the number 2 point is on-line recharge card sales. There are lots of them out there.
For instance, ClubKonnect sells recharge cards on-line. And our findings shows that it is one of the cheapest in the country.

And the good thing: clubkonnect welcomes agents who are ready to buy in large sums at reduced price.
Please note that you're not mandated to buy from any specific dealer,  use your instinct.

4) Start a blog

We have lots of great writers among npower volunteers, but some of them havent really tap into their own potentials.

Blogging isn't a profession that will fetch you dollars immediately, but if you can write original and great content, then you can monetize your blog to start earning from Google Adsense.

I'm sure you can start earning from your blog if you delve into great niche.

Are you a great writer who wants to turn it profession through blogging, NpowerNG Solutions will guide you FREE. And put you through on how to set up one FREE

This could take time, but you'd have something to fall back on after the end of  Npower programme.


5) Join a reputable on-line Multi Level Marketing Company

There are more than a hundrend of MLM online, but one that has been fulfilling its promises since inception in Nigeria is Helping Hands International H2i.

Laptops, cars have been given out to members all over the country.

Register with just #6,600 as registration fee to become an Associate Member, but within months you can be rewarded with car, IF you introduce two people, the two people in turn are also expected to bring two people each.

It goes on and on till you climb to the stage where you are buoyantly compensated.

It's all about marketing. We've seen members who got to STAGE 2 and got HP laptop within two weeks.

You can contact admin of this blog. 
Others are:

6) Palm oil business.

Buy when it's cheaper between February to July/August and sell at great price between September-January. Ask for the price in your area.There was a time, sometimes in 2016 when a 5-litre of palm oil was selling for #4,000 and above.

At the moment one of the N-Power Volunteers in Ipetu-Ijesa, Oriade LGA, Osun State, South-West, has been investing her monthly stipend in palm oil. She says she'd sell during the time of scarcity.

7) Food stuff packaging and sales.
This will work for npower volunteers posted to schools, there markets will the teachers.

8) Learn something 

Think of one thing you love, learn it. It could be  a professional programme to build your CV before the end of the programme.
You can empower yourself!

9) Tutorial Class

Despite the digital stage, some people earn fine from tutorial, if the environment is suita le for it. Tutorial doesn't work in all environment, we urge you to study your environment  before you embark on this.

10) Check your environment to know the hot daily needs on inhabitants and monetize it.

If you prudently invest npower monthly stipend, you can make something tangible from the programme,  at least for the time being till you're able to secure a better job.

And if you couldn't get better offer till the end of the programme, your investment and implemented business ideas would be something to fall back on.

If you want more explanation, or how to implement any of our suggested business ideas above ASK US!

Or do you have contribution to make to better this article, please drop your view.


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