#NpowerNG: Akwa Ibom State Focal Officer

For security and privacy reasons,  we've removed the phone number of state focal person. 

Npower Nigeria: Akwa Ibom State Focal Officer

If you're from Akwa Ibom State, then you need to look up this info as it relates to the name and phone number of your state focal officer.

If you've called the npower dedicated support lines without response, then you can talk to your state focal officer for guidance.

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Akwa Ibom State Focal Officer is Aniefiok Thomas.

Call at official working hours and day.

Calls are only entertained on Npower related issues, PLEASE.

Check the Full List of Phone Number of Each State Focal Officer 

Mention your state and we'll mention the focal officer's name and phone number.

Use the hashtag #NpowerFocalOfficers to get list of other states


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